About Joomla Hosting

Opting for professional web design can be expensive for those wishing to start their own website. Joomla is an easy to use program that caters to novices in web design and web hosting, offering a free alternative to costly labour.

Many web hosting companies offer hosting with the open source management client Joomla. Joomla is a free program that is used for web design and content management. Its functionality and interface is simple for beginners to approach and start using, offering templates that can then be personalized depending on the design. Companies such as Bluehost recognize Joomla as a prominent application in web design and they offer a broad range of features to coincide with it.

Joomla hosting through Bluehost offers compatibility with any version of the program. They provide an array of packages and deals that serve as an affordable option for any prospective individual wishing to host their site through Joomla. The program’s ease of use, along with their versatile packages, makes it suitable for personal websites and small businesses, with no reliance upon professional web design or other costly endeavours.