Cloud Hosting Really Started On a Piece of Paper

When you sit down and try to draw out a picture of the Internet on a piece of paper, you have to start, not in the center of the page with a sketch of a big computer in the sky, but with many circles drawn around the edges of the paper.  These circles, or clouds, are then connected one to another to another by straight lines, dotted lines, circular lines, and as often in practice, hidden lines.   When you have completed the drawing, you do have what looks like clouds in the sky.  They too, are independent and interconnected at the same time.  This is how the internet got its firm grasp on the imaginations of the world, so this has to be one of the best ways to host the web pages that you have in mind to put out there for all to see.

The reality of this cloud hosting model is that when you have your information scattered around over so many servers, the risk of losing your data all at once is greatly minimized.