Windows Hosting with MediaWiki

MediaWiki is an open source program designed to integrate various Wiki-related sites together, including Wikipedia, Wikinews and Wiktionary. Since its conception, it has developed into a fully-fledged, content-based management system, with widespread support from various Windows hosting companies.

The program itself combines visual based customization with more precise coding, providing a flexible learning curve for both experienced and non-experienced web developers. Administrative roles can be distributed to users of a site, along with the ability to prevent anonymous users from editing or visiting that page. Visitors also have the ability to activate a Watchlist, which will allow them to monitor any changes made to an article, along with notifications, as well.

Users can also edit each article that they view, by selecting the Section editing toolbar. This allows for the modification of text, including changing the overall content of the article, font and its paragraph structure, to name a few. Discussion pages can also be utilized for widespread interaction, allowing comments to be made on each article, along with integrated notifications and automatic signatures for each user.