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Cheap hosting should mean just that: no hidden agendas and no lengthy delays and application processes. Although the service is cheap, you will still need to know a few basic facts. There should not be a sudden fee thrust upon you in 12 months’ time, but the quality of service should not be diminished due […]

Lunarpages offers web hosting for under 5 bucks a day. Seems like a pretty good deal, at least for a basic starter package. On top of that, look for a Lunarpages coupon if you can. The site seems pretty solid enough, with fairly glowing testimonials. The testimonials will range from talking about the great level […]

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A DreamHost review is needed to look into the benefits of the dedicated server. This is perfect for those larger businesses that need the full use of the server’s CPU rather than being limited to the use of 25 percent. However, the downside is that this is much more expensive than a VPS plan. The […]

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A web hosting review is a good source of information for you to check on the suitability of a particular web hosting provider. It saves you doing a huge amount of your own research, and as a consequence it will save you a large amount of time. Nevertheless, it never hurts to find several web […]

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The very fact that the UK is situated where it is means that a huge volume of internet traffic is consistently moving from mainland Europe through UK web hosting providers and UK data points across to America.  The same happens from America to mainland Europe, with the UK hosting companies.  The net effect is extremely […]

MediaWiki is an open source program designed to integrate various Wiki-related sites together, including Wikipedia, Wikinews and Wiktionary. Since its conception, it has developed into a fully-fledged, content-based management system, with widespread support from various Windows hosting companies. The program itself combines visual based customization with more precise coding, providing a flexible learning curve for […]